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Come ride the train!

Santa trains

Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Come ride the train!

Happy kids!

Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Christmas at PSTR!


Scenic train rides!

Photo by Larry Broadbent 


Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Riding the train is fun!

Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Port Stanley

Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Spring Train

Photo by Larry Broadbent 

Santa Train


PSTR Train




Double at Whytes




Winter at Union

Photo by Chad Smith 

Santa Treats trains


Donald waits for spring.

Cold Engine 

Santa Claus rides!

Santa at Union 

Nice day at Whytes.

Summer at Whytes 

Riders disembark to explore the PSTR Circus Car.

Springtime at Whytes 

A scenic ride through some Carolinian Forest.

Train in the Forest by Larry Broadbent 

Stanley the bear entertains his friends.

Stanley the PSTR Bear 

Family fun at Whytes Park.

Circus Car Mania 

Large group trip.

Intermodal Transfer 

Small engine "Stanley" and a big train at Whytes.

Stanley - The little engine that could! 

It's all green across the harbor in Port Stanley.


Santa Express stops at Union on a snowy day.

Santa Express 

Glorious fall colours from the train.

Fall Colours 

Train time at the Port Stanley Station.

Departure Imminent 

Slow day at Whytes.

Whytes Park 

Engine L2 "Donald" ready for an Entertainment Train trip.

PSTR's 25th Anniversary 

The first index picture from 2004 when Chris re-designed this site featuring converted, former TH&B caboose # 62.

All Aboard! 

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