Train ride and charter equipment on the Port Stanley Terminal Rail has been converted from former cabooses and at least 2 heavyweight 1937 ex - CNR coaches. Cars #51, #52 & #54 are our entertainment & party charter train equipment. Car #602 is a former CN caboose that has been converted for chartered birthday parties on our regular scheduled trains. All enclosed coaches are heated in cool weather. Entertainment train equipment is air conditioned and L.L.B.O. licensed. Car #51 has regular chairs with adjustable tables for dinning or meetings.

Click on the pictures below to see larger photos of the PSTR passenger cars with interior views.

Regular Equipment Passenger Cars
Car #62   Car #65
Car #66   Car #68
Car #69   Car #63
Entertainment Train & Red Caboose
Car #51   Car #52
Car #54   Red Caboose #602
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